for my poor, neglected blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a place to record my thoughts and share them with others.

However, between being in the middle of a major depressive period for months and my BPD, doing that on either my huge laptop or my tiny phone just seems…hard.  Life is hard right now.  My laptop is too big to be dragged to my bed, and it’s so awkward on the rare occasion I DO bring it there.  I have an iPad, but it’s an iPad 2, and it’s on its final legs.

Sooo…it’s tax refund time, and I decided to treat myself, because damn it, I worked myself into a state of not being able to work for that refund.  I DESERVE to do something other than just pay bills with a portion of that money!

Enter the Asus Transformer Mini…I just ordered it on Amazon!  I’ve been doing extensive research, and although it has mixed reviews, it’ll do exactly what I want it to do, and I like the ideas of it having a proper Windows 10 install AND coming with a stylus!  It says it’ll be here on the 15th….I am very excited.

I’m hoping that having this new tool at my disposal will allow me to get back to my blog, and also improve my communication with the few friends I cling to.  It’s the perfect size for staying in bed with me when getting up is too hard, and it’ll fit in my purse.

Stay tuned for more updates!  I’m hoping to get into a regular rhythm of posting once I figure out the best way to do that for myself.

But, you know…mental illness.  That might not happen either.

And that’s ok!