Sticking to a schedule can be hard sometimes, and depression and anxiety make it even harder. When you’re too exhausted to move or do even the simplest tasks, how can you follow a schedule, right?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been scheduling everything including regular daily activities in Google calendar, and having it shoot alerts to my phone and email to remind me of things.

I’m sure that anyone looking at my calendar would think it was a little too detailed, but for me? Perfect.

Some examples of things that I have scheduled include:

  • Journal/workbook time every evening to work on either my depression or anxiety workbooks (more about those coming up in a separate post), or one of my journals. I have been given a couple of themed journals as gifts in the past few months, and made the decision that I had better use them.
  • Apartment cleaning – even if it’s not a full clean, I still make an effort to stick to the time I have scheduled for this.
  • Watering plants
  • When certain small, additional bills are due or come out of my bank account (Netflix, etc.)
  • Social outings

Of course, my calendar also includes a lot of medical appointments and other stuff, but I would track that one way or the other.

I find that even though I’m not working and have “a lot of free time” (more on that later, too), trying to stick to a set schedule is helping me feel like my life has a bit of purpose.